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Prairie Lithium is a %100 owned subsidiary of Arizona Lithium

Prairie Lithium is a lithium resource and technology developer situated in the heart of the resource-rich Williston Basin in Saskatchewan, Canada. Prairie Lithium's projects hold the highest quality inferred lithium brine resource in Canada discovered to date. Located in one of the world's top mining friendly jurisdictions, the projects have easy access to key infrastructure including electricity, natural gas, fresh water, paved highways and railroads. The projects also aim to have strong environmental credentials which should result in less use of freshwater, land and waste.

The Prairie Lithium Ion Exchange (Plix) is an ion-exchange material that selectively extracts lithium from brine. Plix may have a global application, with the process currently being tested on lithium resources from other jurisdictions. While Prairie Lithium continues to develop, scale and operate its own direct lithium extraction (DLE) technology, the company is also testing other DLE technologies to ensure it deploys the most cost effective technology onto its resource.




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Prairie Lithium was founded to be a Saskatchewan based resource company that planned to acquire mineral rights over lithium-rich subsurface brine deposits in the Williston Basin. We originally intended to partner with a direct lithium extraction (DLE) technology provider to unlock the resource.

It didn't take long to discover that DLE technologies are complex and the industry was in its infancy. When there was no clear commercially available DLE technology for our resource, we took it upon ourselves to develop one. As we advance our own technology, we are continuing to evaluate other technologies that could be deployed on our resource.

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With backgrounds in the petroleum industry, Prairie Lithium's Geologists and Engineers have the expertise required to understand how to analyze lithium in brines, map the hydrochemistry, delineate the reservoir quality, model the deliverability of the resource and bring the resource to surface through drilling deep wells.

Understanding the Duperow Formation's detailed hydrochemistry and scaling up DLE technologies are new challenges Prairie Lithium and other companies in this industry face. We approach new challenges through comprehensive research followed by methodical lab and field testing.

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We understand it can feel overwhelming to filter through the technical, financial and market related data required to decide on whether to invest in this developing industry or in a specific company. Because of this, we evaluate our project and other projects through the lens of an investor. Our intention is to share this knowledge openly and honestly through our press releases, presentations, shareholder and subscriber updates, and in our conversations with current and future investors within this industry.

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  • Incorporated Prairie Lithium

  • Established partnership with Isobrine Solutions



  • Secured small land base in Saskatchewan

  • Developed patent-pending lithium extraction process for proof of concept field testing

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  • Increased land base to become the largest active lithium brine developer in our project area

  • Drilled our first lithium brine exploration well

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  • Acquired three wells slated for abandonment to advance our lithium resource research

  • Converted mineral exploration permits into 21-year mineral leases

  • DLE process optimization

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